Entrepreneurs, Business tycoons, industrialists, Chairman, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Directors & Presidents of SMEs, Corporates, Mid-Sized Enterprise, Multinational Companies, Financial Institutions (PSUs, NBFCs, private, foreign & Co-operatives banks), educational & other Institutions, heads of the Family-Owned Businesses, Women Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Companies, individuals & enterprises, who have excelled in Innovations & Inventions & its commercialization, research & development.

  • Enterprise or Company or Institution should be in operation for the last 5 years
  • Individual Applicants, SME owners, Sr. Executives & Women Entrepreneurs should be on the post of Chairman, MD, CEO, ED or Joint MD or Director for minimum 2 years
  • Sr. Executive or CEO of the Company or financial institutions should be holding the position for the last 2 years, if applying on the individual capacity


  • Nomination Form should be submitted as per the format and terms & conditions along with covering letter, supporting documents, profile of the Applicant & photograph, profile of the Company / Institute / short presentation / short AV film / details of other awards / achievements / recognitions with the credentials in soft or printed copy.
  • Please submit an undertaking on the Company letterhead that the details mentioned in the nomination form are true, correct and verified to the best of knowledge of the Applicant. If any part of the information provided is proved to be false or irrelevant or fabricated at any point of time, we agree to accept the denial or rejection of our nomination form. In this matter, we will not claim for the refund of entry fee of these formalities.
  • The entry fee is applicable for each nomination form and should be paid along with each application as per the category applied.
  • Please note that the incomplete nomination forms will not be accepted and if the entry fee is not paid along with the application forms.
  • Membership of MIDA is mandatory for the selected nominees. If the membership is not enrolled, the nomination form will not be considered or will be rejected on this ground. The Management reserves the right to exempt the membership for certain cases and it will depend on the applicant’s credentials.
  • The Management Committee will ask for the financial documents - last three years Audited Balance Sheets and P&L Accounts to cross check the turnover and financial credit worthiness of the company as per the nomination submitted for the specific category, if required.
  • The Association reserves the right to accept, deny or reject nomination forms, if not submitted in certain period or not completed the formalities or not shared the information sought for verification or absence in the interview or no response from the Applicant.
  • The Management having authority to change or modify the Award categories or to include the nominations in certain category if the application deemed fit.
  • The Management reserves the right to plan or organise or postpone the Award activities or Award function or modification in the above application form as well as commercial fees and design of trophy or memento or plaque.
  • The information submitted by the Applicants will not be shared or furnished to any third party/ies.
  • Entry Fee will not be refunded, if nomination is rejected or not processed due to incomplete documents, incomplete formalities or compliances or lack of relevant information or rigorous follow up.
  • The Management will not be responsible if any communication sent through digitally or communicated through phone or mobile or WhatsApp and which are not received due to error or inability of network or any other natural reason or not responded timely by the applicant or his/her office.
  • Maharashtra Business Excellence Awards is an Intellectual Property of Maharashtra Industry Development Association and it’s a brand and private initiative and not related to any other organisation/s or Government agency/ies or any pollical party or institutions.
  • We reserve the right to select, appoint and invite the Members of Selection Committee, Associates, Supporters, Sponsors, business Partners, Media and Guests for Awards presentation ceremony.
  • The Applicant will be invited to attend the personal or virtual interview or interaction to present the credentials and the activities of the Company/Institution to understand more about the activities, achievements, efforts and contributions. The applicant can depute senior executive as a proxy to present the credentials with an authority letter and it’s applicable only for the Company / Institution’s Awards criteria.
  • The Members of Management or Jury will visit the Applicant’s office, factory or plant to understand more about the activities and to seek clarifications as well as to know more about success story.
  • We will not be responsible for any legal or financial complications arising from these activities due to lack of compliances and procedures by the nominees and applicants or nominees or applicants are the defaulters of any Government agency, financial institutions or private sector or any third party. If the nominees, who are not binding or completing compliances or formalities of any Government agencies, the Applicant should self-certify on the Company’s letterhead about the compliances. We will not consider and reject the Nomination Form, depending upon the information available in the public domain. The clarification will be sought from the concerned nominees, if found any negative remarks.