Focus Sectors

Manufacturing industries, SMEs, engineering, automotive, Auto & Auto Ancillary, metals, pharmaceutical, healthcare, exports, Agro-based industries, IT & ICT, chemical, packaging, electronics, electricals, glass, power, infrastructure, Paper & Plastic, warehousing, Shipping, Logistics, Industrial, food & IT Parks, Special Economic Zones, construction, realty, Medical, Oil & Gas, Agro-Based Industries, Processing Industries, Distributors, Advertisement, Tourism, Sports, Hospitality, Finance & Banking, Mining, FMCG, Textiles & Garments, Cyber Security, Furniture & Fixtures, marketing, branding, entertainment, media, allied manufacturing & business sectors, education, entertainment, fintech, service sector, e-commerce, retail and professional services, Institutions functioning for environment, water conservation, improvement of skill & scale of SMEs & workforce, Rural development, Women Empowerment and Allied Industrial & Business Sectors.


The Nominations will be evaluated and considered on the basis of their remarkable achievements, outstanding contributions, successful journey in the respective fields, sustainable business growth, generating more employment and new entrepreneurship, continuity & transformation in their business activities, utilisation of advanced technology for quality improvement & better productivity and for global competitiveness, adoption of the good governance, business ethics & fair business practices, unique strategies for retaining customers & suppliers or any other segments, research, development & design in the specific products & services, products developed for import substitutions & establishment of the business cooperation with the Indian and foreign companies for joint ventures, technology transfers, contract manufacturing and contribution for the policy change and its implementation as well as other aspects & initiatives to achieve success in the business & competitive markets.

The entrepreneurs or enterprises or institutions or corporates or individuals can apply for multiple awards categories as per their eligibility & achievements.

Selection Procedure

The Selection Committee comprising of the Jury and subject matter experts shall evaluate and study the nomination form/s and will short list the nominations to recommend to the Management for further review & assessment to finalize the Award winners. The nominations will be considered on the basis of reliable & supportive information & credentials provided in the nomination form and additional supporting documents / other relevant information on business growth with dynamic plan.